Total Communication

Gloucestershire is committed to building a learning community where all children and young people are equally respected and able to participate fully in the educational setting of their and their parents' choice.

The aim of Gloucestershire Total Communication (GTC) is to ensure that all people with total communication needs in Gloucestershire have a consistent and coherent approach to meeting their needs throughout their lives and in all environments.

Representatives from Speech and Language Therapy and Education, initially working in settings for pupils with severe learning difficulties, have agreed a strategy which will enable children and young people to have equal opportunity to:

  • express needs,Welcome.gif
  • make friends,
  • be included,
  • make choices,
  • achieve independence,
  • learn,
  • express feelings,
  • feel less frustrated,
  • understand others

The tools of total communication are:

  • gesture,
  • body language,
  • facial expression,
  • objects of reference,
  • photographs,
  • drawings,
  • symbols,
  • written words,
  • vocalisation,
  • intonation,
  • verbalisation,
  • access to modern technology.

At Battledown we share the commitment to Gloucestershire Total Communication which aims to ensure that all pupils with communication difficulties have a consistent and coherent approach to meeting their communication needs throughout their lives in school and the wider community.

Our aim is to:

  • To value and respect every possible method of communication that pupils may need to use.
  • To ensure all individual communication strategies are supported by developing a shared knowledge, skills and attitudes base essential for an effective total communication environment.
  • To continue to raise awareness and develop confidence in the use of TotalCommunication throughout school and wider communities.

Our Total Communication Manager is : Jo Tombs

For more information and useful tools please visit the Gloucestershire Total Communication site