Pupils are admitted to the school following a referral from the Local Authority.

This referral is made by one of 2 panels from the Local Authority who consider the reports and information submitted by a range of professionals including Preschool settings, Educational Psychologists, Advisory Skills Teachers, Health Professionals and Professionals from Social Services. Some pupils will already have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) before a referral is made to Battledown.

Once a request has been made to admit a pupil to the school a member of staff will contact parents or carers and make arrangements for them to visit if they have not already done so.

Following this visit the practical details will be arranged between the family and the school so that the pupil can have a successful and positive introduction to Battledown in a way which suits them and their family.

The Headteacher is always happy to meet with parents of children for who Battledown Centre for Children and Families may provide a suitable placement before any request is made. Any parent who would like the opportunity to gain information in this way should contact the school and ask to make a visit.