Swimming is a whole body physical exercise. Water’s buoyancy relieves the stress that gravity normally places on muscles, thereby providing a greater range of motion and coordination. Such an environment gives an opportunity to build muscles, improve coordination, develop gross motor movement and improves core strength. In addition, the sensation of water on the body is good for neurological development.

Swimming is considered to be safer than land-based physical therapy because in the pool there are no hard surfaces to fall on. As long as there is a qualified swimming staff member present, the water is a safe environment.
Swimming with Battledown gives children the opportunity to develop confidence in water and offers challenge at all levels:
• Working with an adult in a 1:1 situation promotes interaction and communication skills.
• Through dressing and undressing self-help skills are developed and an awareness of their body and its needs.
• Turn taking, cooperation and social skills develop.
All these lead to greater self-confidence and independence.
All children are equal in the water as it is a great leveller, and can help children have fun within a non-competitive environment, which can give the most enormous psychological and emotional boost