Early Learning Experiences of Young Children

Through the Early Years Foundation Stage we aim to provide each child with a rich and personalised learning experience like many parents give their children at home. Like parents, we deliver individualised learning, development and care that enhances the development of the children and gives the best possible start in life. Every child will be supported individually to make progress at their own pace and where children need extra support to fulfil their potential they receive special consideration.

Play - There are many reasons why we appreciate the values and purpose of all types of play:

  • Play gives a child opportunities to explore and manipulate her environment to gain an understanding of the world.
  • Play offers success and an opportunity to practise and generalise existing skills and learn new ones in an enjoyable way.
  • Play offers a child challenges and opportunities to learn about responsibility and independence through making choices.
  • Play enables a child to acquire problem-solving skills and a positive self-concept while he directs and participates in his own learning experiences. He learns that it is alright to be wrong with no loss of self-esteem.
  • Play gives a child the opportunity to develop social competence by interacting with her peers and adults in a relaxed manner.
  • Play gives adults opportunities to observe a child, to listen, extend and develop his play and to fully develop potential for learning.
  • Play makes learning within the school and curriculum fun and something to be enjoyed.


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