At Battledown this is developed through a broad range of curriculum activities.

Spiritual Children:

  • respond to nature

  • creative

  • compassionate

  • loving

  • have survived difficulties

  • who reflect

Moral Children:

  • care about right and wrong

  • fairness

  • follow rules

  • respect

Social Children:

  • enjoy being part of a team

  • are friends

  • are part of the school community

  • support others

Cultural Children:

  • love to dance and move

  • are creative in a range of contexts

  • love to explore

  • taste different foods

  • open to new experiences


At Battledown we have developed and cultivated a board range of curriculum activities which include:

  • Together Time

  • Celebration Assemblies - Harvest, Christmas, Leavers etc

  • Offsite visits - Churches, i.e. Communities Gloucester Cathedral for Festival of the Donkey.

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