Your Child’s Assessment

AssessmentDiscussion between you and the Headteacher will decide the number of sessions your child will attend. For pre-school children, between three and five half-days a week provide appropriate access to the learning opportunities available, but other arrangements can be made if necessary. For Reception aged children and older full time attendance is offered.

During the time your child is at Battledown, the staff will be closely observing their development.

These observations continue throughout your child's stay with us and form the basis of the individual programme of objectives, towards which we will work. The objectives will be drawn from the Early Years Foundation Stage, a copy of which is available for you to see on request.

Each term the teachers will produce a summary of the special theme on which the school is working, together with suggestions for how you can be involved in learning at home. This feeling of working together between home and school is very effective in the learning process.

Further details about your child's assessment can be found in the school's policy document, "The Parent's/Carer's Role in the Assessment Process" under the 'Document Centre' on our website.

Your child will be a member of one of four mixed-age classes, whose teams are led by teachers.

The school curriculum provides a broad range of learning experiences for your child, which will be balanced and set at a pace and depth appropriate to their individual needs.

Opportunities and Achievements

Playing at Home

Early Learning Experiences of Young Children

Curriculum Statement

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